Communication Issue Thermostat

They had me download the Route This app, run a test, and send it to them. That was a couple hours ago. I am having the same issue that you are. I will post if we get a resolution.

Nope! Took it off. Bought a Nest Theemostat and it’s been trouble free after the <5 minutes it took to install.

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I’ve reinstalled two thermostats multiple times. Only once did I not get this error. I’m on a mesh network but don’t think it matters. If you keep smashing the buttons to try again it will eventually go through. At least that has been my experience.

Yes, but I submitted that ticket thru a live agent who is looped in on the email exchanges. First received the standard answer, but then a couple of direct responses after a couple follow up questions. I haven’t heard back on any tickets submitted thru app.

Tried hundreds of times on two phones and separate accounts. No dice.

This is crazy tried two days, repeatedly pressing the “begin” “try again” communication error… at this point, might as well get a nest

Update: returned !

Good choice. Probably shouldn’t try so hard next time, just send back. :+1:t2:

try ecobee. I have both Nest, Ecobee and Wyze. I was unhappy with Nest, but I did have an earlier version.

Did you ever hear back from Support on the Route-This file you sent them. They suggested I do the same.

The customer service is horrible. I just decided to return the thermostat. They gave me an RGA number and I shipped it back. Hope you have better luck


Not yet. they appear to be ignoring me. Sad state of affairs at Wyze.

I just sent in a request for answers on this myself after trying to set mine up tonight. I also just realized that mine is showing it not connect to the cloud which it did when I originally first began setting it up and updating the firmware. I agree with the other person on here saying that there should be a manual option to do setup from the device instead of on the app.

My thermostat showed up with the disconnect icon on the app a few days ago. I think this is an app error not an actual error if it’s happing to anyone else. The thermostat itself does still show connected on the display and tapping on it in the app is still correct and allows for control.

I rebooted my router and it went away.

I ran the Route This App and sent Tech Support the file. They said my 2.4 WIFI was congested and to change the channel. I doubted that was the problem since the thermostat communicated with their server, but tried many different channels anyway. Same result; stuck at the Personalization stage. I requested an RMA for return and refund several days ago, but have not received a response.

I did the same and I was surprised to find out that for me changing the 2.4 channel from 7 to 1 fixed it.

I am done as well. Sending back.