Common settings for Alerts and SD Card Record on Event


Are you getting the iOS version # too? <=Firmware, scratch that. What’s the fix again? Pushing the hidden SD event recording setting to 100? Or is it making the settings the same as the slider? I think I’m falling behind.

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The person I’m talking to thinks that the fix isn’t in the currently released version and that it’s going to be in a future version (with a higher number). We’re waiting for a verification from higher up the food chain. It is possible that you have not yet been able to test the fix.



The way I read that, the fix hasn’t been started? If so, would it be possible to push the hidden slider to 100 until the fix in underway? Or will having that many SD events get recorded cause problems?

My understanding is the fix is to sync SD recording to the same setting as cloud notifications.



I’m going to hold off on replying to your questions until I get the confirmation from higher up. I’m not sure what all is involved with the fix yet. Sorry, OverWatch!

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@peepeep, I was just told that we can try pushing your Wyze Cam to the newest test version to see if that helps. Are you interested in this or would you rather hold tight until it progresses through testing?

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Gwendolyn, that’s a great offer, thanks! :clap:

To be frank, though, my only sense of urgency in posting this stuff today was because I was losing interest - and I knew if I didn’t post now and make the coherent thread-interlinking etc, I would probably just blow it off altogether.

So, given that, I will opt to sit tight, happily doing the testing when the corrective firmware is released to the general public.

If anyone wants the Excel spreadsheet template I made and used in the table analysis, I’d be happy to send it to Support so they can put it someplace it can be downloaded by motivated Wyzeguysandgals.

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You’re welcome! I’ll let the team know what your decision was.

And I would LOVE to have a copy of your template to use for this. Thanks for your kind offer! :slight_smile:

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@OverWatch, I do not want to kill you - I like you. :hugs:

Wyze, stop killing Overwatch, you need him!



I’m a fan of OverWatch! Definitely don’t want to kill them. :slight_smile:



What kind of problems could that cause? Can’t be worse than continuous recording.



Probably none in hindsight. If people aren’t noticing SD recordings aren’t there and are not matching up to the notifications, they probably wouldn’t notice more SD recordings than notifications. I was thinking, (yes it happens) that people finding more SD recording than cloud notifications, might think they were missing cloud notifications, but it is many times easier to explain this than it is to explain missing SD recordings.

No, it wouldn’t be worse than continuous and, like continuous recording, would give people visibility of things happening outside the detection zone leading up to the motion triggering the notification. I like continuous recording for this reason. I can see things develop. I can see things happening outside my detection zone. Sometimes something triggers one camera and then moves into view of another camera, but not through that camera’s detection zone. With continuous recording, I can still follow whoever or whatever around the property. Event only, it wouldn’t get recorded on the second camera.



Sounds reasonable. I don’t often check PLAYBACK first without being prompted by an interesting alert. That being the case, I don’t know how many times there might have been an SD recording that didn’t have a matching alert. All I know is when I get an interesting alert and I go to PLAYBACK and there is No Video Found, I’m not a happy camper.

Like you said continuous recording is the way to go to see things leading up to, and after something being detected, but I’ve had issues reviewing continuous recording from the SD card which is why I would like to see the option to have more 1 minute segments as mentioned in another topic.

IF continuous recording was easier to view and IF I didn’t fear continuous recording would ‘eat SD cards’ I would probably use it by default.



Does network attached storage (NAS) typically record continuously from the camera stream?



If you’re talking about it being cumbersome to use, I agree, however building edit capabilities into the camera, which is already constrained would just add to the problems. There really needs to be a better way of getting files off the camera and then Wyze could just buy an edit package or point users to one that would work with or combine the 1-minute files. There is so much valuable information already on the SD cards, we just can’t get to it without a ladder. It’s nutty.

As for eating cards, I’m knocking on wood as I type, but I’m not going to risk not having video because of that fear. Of course, having a functioning card is critical, but we don’t know the pattern or cause of failure yet. The entire point of these cameras is to have video, not watch other people’s video, not social networking, not shop, not have unreadable fonts or pretty colors. To have video, WHEN I NEED IT. Core function of the product! Yet, there is only a handful of us waving this flag? I won’t go off on that rant, but WTH?



I don’t know, but keep in mind the entire process is wrapped around 1-minute files, so it really isn’t continuous unless they stream it. They may be able to stream it, but just about every ‘stream’ I’ve watched is pretty choppy, compressed and too messy for use. There is a #roadmap @Loki started to have uncompressed video stored and I’d really like to see uncompressed video off these cameras. Most of the video I’d saved is too mushy (overly compressed) for good recognition when you zoom in the slightest.



Thanks for the link. I spelunked a little from there and it was quite instructive.


  1. Seems like Wyze is kind of boxed-in by the fundamental design limitations of the original camera. Making things work that it wasn’t designed to do gives it the feel of a “contraption.” BTW, I use that word in both senses: innovate, improvise, create, make the most from the least - it captures one’s imagination. And the downside: contrivance+TRAP+invention.

  2. Techies do not need graphics. I guess people who write code for a hobby or a living can juggle this surface-level aprocoapna like it was nuttin’. As must be abundantly clear by now, IANAL nor an engineer. :slight_smile:

Urealistic Recommendation: Escape the box. Do a hardware reboot. Design a new camera version incorporating all the essential features discovered as desired by the customer base and send it AT COST to current owners of previous versions. (A required replacement, previous versions no longer supported.) BOOM. Horrible idea. Nevermind.



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