Comcast xfinity customers- DO NOT buy /use their pods to boost your wifi signal!

I hope this will save anyone who uses comcast xfinity as their ISP time & money I have wasted! I had 2 Wyze cam pans connected that worked great until comcast had me upgrade my modem to a dual band modem (uses both 2.4 & 5 GHz networks). We were sold these little things they came out with about a year ago called “pods” that help boost wifi signal in areas of your home w/ weak signal. Fast forward. . Today i called comcast to get help reconnecting my cameras. I tried several times- it works up until I get the message announcing, “QR Code scanned please wait”. Then it says, “Can not find specified network”.
Comcast said they can help me “separate” my network so the Wyze cam pan can connect to the 2,4 network. Unfortunately I can not do that using those pods. Ugh! They make customers buy 3 pods at a time for over $100 and you can only return them for 30 days. I do plan to remove them from my network so that I can get the Wyze cams re-connected but first I need to do some research and find a suitable signal booster to replace the pods. Of course comcast can not suggest one as they will only recommend their own product. So frustrating! Hope this makes sense.
So if you are going to get/ upgrade to a dual band modem make sure you can “separate” your networks since Wyze can only connect to a 2.4 network. Comcast customers should not use/purchase pods because then you can NOT separate your network and Wyze can not be added to home network.

I’ve been so happy & impressed w/ Wyze cam pan- the price & ease of use & reliability have been excellent! I had one Wyze cam pan set up outside over my driveway using the black silicone case and it stood up to severe heavy wind & rain storms since March as well as daily moisture from fog here in San Francisco! That’s why I’m keeping the Wyze cam pans & ditching the pods from xfinity!

These kind of things are exactly why I have never used Comcast equipment for my Internet , I have Always used my own Internet equipment many, many years


Yes, I started buying my own separate equipment when I noticed I could pay for it in less than year compared to rental charges. I currently use a Motorola modem and Netgear router on my Comcast connection.

Thanks for the heads up on the pods!


Are you saying the Xfinity Pods operate only on the 5ghz network? I am not arguing, just trying to understand for clarity.

Can’t you separate & turn off 5ghz to make it the same as the old system?

Comcast is going to get so much grief for that. Millions of internet connected devices are purchased every day and the majority of them only work on a 2.4 connection.