Color cycling with Wyze color bulb

Would be a neat function if the bulbs could cycle between preset colors.

Yes! I’m assuming this is something that will be added with a software update in the (near) future. I’m anxious to replace my Hue bulbs with more of these.


I have a wide variety of rgb and most have a pulse, breathe, flash, type feature. It be nice for this to have something like that.


I Second the request. I have some inferior bulbs set up that use various color modes and cycles for holidays and such. Would love to replace those with these.

Otherwise the bulbs are awesome and look forward to what may come app wise.


I also vote for this feature to be added. I am enjoying what is there now but a feature like this will take things to the next level.

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Agreed by June would be nice plan on putting on a light show. Was a little dissappointed when I received my lights and plugged my hues back in.

I would love a slow transition from one color to the next.


Please add this feature I would buy so many more of these bulbs!!!


Me too, and I already have 24 :slight_smile: