Color code playback calendar SD card

when viewing playback, the timeline shows when an event was recorded in blue. when you open up the calendar to select a specific date, it would be great if the days of the month were highlighted if there were any events recorded that day. Currently all the days just show as white other than the current date and the selected date. This feature would enable users to know how far back their recordings go without blindly going back a day at a time and then checking the timeline for any blue sections.

Yes, additionally, it would be good to color code the dates. For example, a grey color means there is data of any kind. Red means there is a person motion detected on that day. Blue means regular motion activity and Yellow means a sound motion that day. For days that have more than one, you combine the colors- person and sound (separate events ) = orange.

I also would like this feature. Even the Xiaomi has times selected where video recording has been detected. Currently I have no idea how far back my videos go…

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Yes please. I spend time clicking on blank days. :frowning:

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Yes please. This would be extremely helpful!! @WyzeGwendolyn !! :smiley:

I have just found lacking of this feature to be a real issue. One of my cameras was unexpectedly off and now that it is back on I would like to know what day the last recording was for. As of now, the calendar does not help with this.