Color Bulbs Lose Programming After Power Loss

I just installed 6 Wyze Color Bulbs in my kitchen which is controlled by your standard light switch. After setting them all up and updating their firmware, I shut the lights off and left the room. It’s been about an hour and I came back into the kitchen, hit the lights and… Nothing. Then, a few moments later, green pulsating lights from them all. I check the Wyze and Google Home app and all of the lights have lost connection. I went back and double checked the FAQ and description of the lights on the product page and don’t see any mention of these lights requiring power 24x7.

Eventually the lights returned to their programmed color, however, they are 100% unresponsive in the Wyze and Google Home apps (I can turn them off, turn them on, change their color in the apps and nothing happens, physically).

I attempted to re-create the scenario and was successful. It appears that my Wyze Color Bulbs are losing all programming after an extended loss of power.

Is this something that plans on being fixed very, very soon or do I need to start an RMA, because I can’t have this.

Update: I reserved IP addresses for them thinking this might help solve the issue. After confirming in the app that they had the correctly assigned IP addresses I tested again with the same fading green result.

Welcome Natalie. I don’t know what the bulbs use to maintain stored info (capacitor, rechargeable battery, etc.?), but mine did the same until I left them powered for a few days. Try reconfiguring your bulbs and either leave them on or preferably turn them off via the Wyze app, but leave the switch on overnight or longer, then retry your scenario.

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Welcome to the forums! In addition to @Seapup s wonderful ideas, I’d also say to try the bulbs in a different fixture. Try your same scenario with the new fixture and see if the issue follows the bulbs, or stays with the kitchen fixture. My initial thought is that the power on (or off) process with the fixture is not “clean” and may flicker power to the bulb during power on sending them into pairing. What kind of fixture are all the bulbs in? Any type of dimmer on the switch or at the fixture at play here? Just looking for a common denominator here.

I have 5 color bulbs in a dining room chandelier fixture and they are turned on and off at the switch multiple times daily. I haven’t experienced your issue.

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