Color Bulbs - Changing to new WiFi network

Just installed four Wyze Color bulbs in my ceiling, very happy with them! Unfortunately I changed my WiFi network today and realized there’s no way to pair them to the new network without removing them completely from the app, and setting each one of them to “pairing mode” manually. This means I have to get out the ladder each time I change the network.

Am I missing some easier method? If not, is there a possible work around on the road map? I’m less inclined to use these for all my ceiling lights if I have to do all this manual pairing each time there’s a network adjustment.


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Welcome to the Wyze community @jeffporper! You’ll have to factory reset the bulbs and add them back to the app.

I’m not sure if this could be done. Once the bulbs are programmed to connect to a network SSID or name, they’ll keep looking for it to reconnect so they won’t be reachable until they connect or they are reset and setup again.

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I have white bulbs and am frustrated by the same problem. Imagine putting a house full of bulbs, cameras, etc and having to factory reset them every time, Crazy, but there does not appear to be a simple in-app “change wifi password” option.