Color Bulbs Changing Colors On Their Own

I set four Color Bulbs to bright white. One color bulb out of four won’t retain its settings and sets itself to blue after about five minutes. When I try to reset it, it also doesn’t have the same response to the settings as the other three bulbs. Even when I select the whitest and brightest setting, it doesn’t get any whiter than a pale white/yellow. Now two other bulbs have started setting themselves to the pale white/yellow. They don’t go blue first. There is also a periodic flash, but I can’t tell which bulbs are flashing. Has anybody else experienced this?

What app version are you using, and what firmware version is on EACH bulb? Don’t say “up to date”, please say actual version numbers.

Thank you for the advice. It is interesting that “up to date” is a direct quote from the app. :slight_smile: But, to be more precise: each bulb is using version and the app is 2.24.14.

Also, I have tried deleting and re-adding the bulb. I just turned the light on and today the one bulb started off more yellowish white than the other bulbs, even though I have the color set as green (for testing purposes). It then changed to the blueish color. I can’t set it to pure or bright white on the color wheel, no matter where I move the cursor.

Yes the app says it, but all different apps can say up to date. There is a production up to date, a beta up to date, . Some products also have more branches like v2s have RTSP, which always said up to date, but is actually way behind current firmeare versions. It also future proofs your statement, where as people reading your post in say a few months or more etc would only see “up to date” and think it’s current then but it’s not.

Thanks for that info. My theory went out the window. I experience what you are when one or more bulbs are in need of a firmware update. my wife will use Alexa to turn on a group of lights, and I’ll notice that not all of them are the same hue or color. I’ll know then that a firmware update is needed on my end. Since all your firmware versions are current, I don’t think that is your issue.

One thing I did notice is that your using the beta app, but have production firmware on the bulb. Are you sure there isn’t a pending update?

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Thanks for the response. There are no updates for any apps in Play Store. When I check for updates on each bulb individually, the app states that they each are up to date. Is there another way to check?

You are probably using the beta app but not have set the bulbs for beta updates, to check this, in the app click on account (lower right), scroll down and click on about (very bottom), click on Beta Program (again the bottom and set up the products you would like to test firmware on. Just be aware this can also bring unintended bugs since they are beta.

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I also have the beta app and my bulb firmware is above what you posted. @Jason21271 is right on, make sure the bulbs are selected as being wanted to update as beta in the beta app.

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Thanks for the response.

All the bulbs are now on v1.2.0.364. Wyze app remains at v2.24.14.

Blue bulb still turns blue. And now the last bulb to not change has decided to join the team and turn a yellowish white after a few minutes.

Any other suggestions / ideas? I was very excited to get the color bulbs, but now I am disappointed.