Color bulbs can’t use scenes via rules

The color bulbs aren’t new. Why have a feature that lets you set a color scene for multiple bulbs (like special colors for Halloween or Christmas) but you can’t use that scene in a rule for when they turn on? All you can currently do is turn them on individually at a set color/brightness but that defeats the creation of scenes. Plus you can’t test the colors you are setting in the rules and they don’t allow the use of Hex or RGB colors to make sure you get consistent colors instead of the wonky color wheel. Frustrating after owning them this long and scenes still aren’t implemented across the rules. Plus they should be adding presets for special color sets; think of all of the holidays and associated colors or a proven bug light color set or presets to mimic exact representations of colors. If you’ve used the wheel picker, you know how difficult it is to just get regular orange or red just right. #rantover

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I guess I’m the only one wanting rules to incorporate schemes. What’s the point of a color scheme if you can’t automate using it?

You probably need to post this as a wish list item if you want people to vote for it.


Thank you for the help @WildBill :+1:

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