Color Bulb set precise color & temperature

Currently, the Wyze color bulbs use a friendly but imprecise cursor on a color wheel to select a color. Similarly, they use an imprecise cursor to select color temperature.

I would like the option to set a specific color through hex codes, HSV, or RGB values so that I can, for example, color match my favorite college football team (Clemson Orange, #F56600 and Purple, #522D80). This would be an easy, optional text input that could be placed right below the color wheel within the app. I suspect very little additional logic would need to be written.

On a more practical note, I have standard LED bulbs ranging from 2700K, 3000K, to 5000K throughout my house. I’d like to specify the precise color temperature within the Wyze app for my new bulbs, in order to match what currently exists within the room.

I could guess one reason Wyze may hesitate to do this is that they may not guarantee the bulb is well calibrated to precise inputs. I get that, really, but I’d bet a precise text input would still be more accurate than my fat finger on a color wheel.

Great idea @Jgsherw!
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