Color Bulb Rule with Colors

Didn’t I see a video of the color bulb being set to change colors to blue when it was time to take out the trash? Why do I not see color changing as an option on the color bulb rules? I only see white and temperature.


It looks like there isn’t currently an action for changing the color of the color bulb in rules. I think this is an excellent idea and you should add this to the #wishlist. Some color bulb orders may ship soon so hopefully we’ll be able to confirm this.

I just got my bulbs in and I was very surprised to see that I couldn’t control the color via rules. I ordered 8 bulbs and the only thing I wanted to do with them was setup rules to control colors. I have about 60 Wyze products now and when a new one launches and the one thing that makes it different isn’t possible to use, it really makes it feel like Wyze doesn’t care about actually making stuff work when they launch it.

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Okay. Who thought it was a good idea to have a smart colored bulb and not have the ability to automate it?


If I want to do it manually, I’d have gotten an RGB bulb with a remote instead.

Wyze, please fix this.