CMC Refund with Cam Plus Transition - 7/29/20

She means the new “experiment” at


630 reply loll. I have stop reading at 150.

Post #1 is all you need to answer your quedtion.


Yes, that is correct. Sorry, my brain is a bit sludge-like at the moment. Thanks for clarifying for me, @Customer!

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Looks that way.
Too bad. They seem like two distinct services to me.

This is my question. Don’t get me wrong here… I and extremely happy that CMC now works with PD because a lot of people including me want PD and CMC to work together.

My question is what happens to the people who have no need for PD? Why are they forced to pay more per month they don’t need PD. Think about this… someone may want longer event recordings to monitor their pets. They may have it at a gate. With the new outdoor camera I will be putting it at my gate. While I would still use the PD there others may not. Because for the most part, only cars drive up to my gate. Even if there was a person I could go back and rewatch that event.

While I love that CMC and PD work together I feel that Wyze users should not be forced to pay extra if they don’t need PD. I would like to see Wyze five users the option to use CMC by itself for $1.49/month/per cam or $14.99/year/cam or CMC + PD together for $1.99/month/per cam or $19.99/year/per cam.

Just a thought…

For users accounts before november:

« When Person Detection for 12-second event videos officially launches, you will be able to name your price. You can select $0 and use it for free »

I wanted to be sure that hadn’t changed in the 630 replies.

For Cam Plus, it’s clear for me. Thank you🙂


Ok so… let me try and understand this… PD is still free for people who had Wyze accounts before November. CMC has always been $1.49/month per cam.

Now that PD works with CMC it’s .50 cents more per month.

Wait I though PD was still free?

So… if I want CMC I have to pay more than it was originally but if I just use PD regularly it’s free.

Just trying to understand how this makes sense? Anyone else understand this?

I guess maybe it’s because the event clips are longer but… I thought the extra costs was determining whether or not there is a person in the video not storage for the video.

So as far as I can see it shouldn’t cost anymore to check a video clip whether 12 seconds or 12 minutes. The AI scans the video and says person or not right?

Am I missing something?

Seems that way to me also , don’t know why they had to do it that way.
I just don’t need person detection , I don’t live in the city and my neighbors are not close, dead end street .

It’s optionally free if you meet the criteria of having an account before November 2019. WYZE would prefer that you choose to pay something for PD but you can choose $0. PD on it’s own probably won’t be around long if we all decide on $0 though.


Processing costs money. The longer the clip the more processing is required.

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Ok… just saying… does Wyze realize that most people don’t want to pay more and will probably end up canceling the service instead of paying more. This means though Wyze is charging more I’m thinking less people will pay for it so not sure how much for money you going it be getting.

Just trying to throw in my ideas…

I don’t know how I feel about all these changes.

So does the AI look through the entire video? I always thought it only looked at a snapshot and processed that.

If the AI scans the whole video for a person that would make sense.

I just thought that the AI looks at the snapshot of whatever started the event and determined whether or not it was a person.

Anyone feeling dizzy yet? :upside_down_face:



Yeah… I’m kinda confused with all these changes.

I just hope Wyze stays the great company they have been and think very carefully about each change they make.

I still love Wyze and completely support them! I am hoping these new changes are going to help Wyze while keeping their customers happy.


If we had more choices in motion detection, like eliminating areas, it would avoid sending multiple false alerts to the cloud. They could save some money there. It’s wasted money. Before you start charging money, you see what you can do at home. Cost management. Raising prices is the easiest solution, but it is a double-edged sword.

I will see if I will pay something for person detection. I would like Cam Plus but it’s 2.65 canadian plus tx $3.05 for 1 cam. If they plan to make bundle price, I will probably be there for 4 or 5 cams depending of the price.

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No, I assumed (!) that with CMC/PD they would scan the whole clip no matter how long. Clearly @WyzeGwendolyn is going to need one of these.

Hey you knew someone was going to do it.



As to be a member before november I have and will have person detection on all my cams for free or an amount of my choice. If I take Cam Plus for 1 cam, will I loose PD on all the other cams because I have made a change in my account? Probably not but just to be sure. :thinking:

Not exactly, that is the name your own price experiment, you can name free as your price but they are hoping enough will donate to keep it going.

Now that the only way to get it is a bundle it is 1.99 per cam.

They are trying that aforementioned experiment of name your own price for the legacy users.

Yes for people who only care about CMC they will pay more since it is a bundle.

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I do know it looks at more than just a snapshot, I believe it looks at the whole video but I will have to get clarification on that part.