CMC Refund with Cam Plus Transition - 7/29/20

There is no local storage for blink cams, the Sync Module 2 will allow this (Mini cameras only) but is not available at this time

I have no idea. I don’t delete the events at all. I really don’t see the point. They are deleted after 14 days anyway.

Look at the Blink XT2. Those are the ones that have a controller with local storage. One controller for multiple cameras. Cameras battery operated and waterproof for incredible versatility in deployment. Cost more up front than Wyze but a) totally wireless (battery operated) b) waterproof c) just plain work… i can’t tell you how many times my Wyze V2 has failed to detect motion. Even this morning when taking out the trash it just plain missed seeing me walk by. And that is with the latest firmware and the new and improved CamPlus service that i did not ask for. Perhaps they could call it PND (People Not Detected) instead of PD.

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Where is this option to “name your price”?? I have had an account for years, got all the mails with the promises and all I’m seeing is an option to add Cam Plus for 1.99 per camera - that’s it.

I contacted support and they asked me to send screenshots proving I received the emails, I did so and never heard back… if it weren’t for the money paid I’d throw my outdoor cam away when it arrives as everything I’ve heard about them now makes it useless to me.


I’m a caregiver & need to send video reports to my patience Dr’s. Can I download recordings from my CMC cloud storage?

See this post

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Thank you!!!

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What is this nonsense. It’s supposed to be based on the age of your account, not whether you can find an e-mail message they sent you 6 months ago!

I’m on the latest camera firmware and latest app version. In my Wyze app, under ‘Account’, at the top of the screen the is a Cam Plus box that says “Plus Member”. Tapping on it does nothing. I have not subscribed to anything new yet … but I do have “Person Detection (Pilot)” as an active subscription under 'Services". Am I grandfathered into Cam Plus? I think I want Cam Plus for one of my cameras, but I don’t want to pay if I already have it. The “Earlybird” special for Cam Plus expires in two days, so what should I do?

It’s coming in September.

My guess is either it is nonsense or , as usual, WYZE is not communicating with it’s staff.
Gwen tells us a story but what are they telling their support staff?


Do you have Cam Plus under Services

I have had an account for over 2 years, with proof of such and I’m talking about the emails I received in the last couple weeks. They are the ones that asked for proof of the emails.

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I don’t doubt you. I’m saying support’s demand that you dig up e-mail messages was ridiculous. If your account is 2 years old then you’re grandfathered into the “name your price experiment”, period. At least that’s how I understand it.

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If he sees this, it indicates he is subscribed to CAM Plus.
Tapping on it never does snything.

Ya, sorry, I figured that out after I replied. I’m new to the forum, I find the format kind of confusing. I’m use to reddit.

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Tapping buttons and expecting something to happen is… Shall I say " :"

It’s not a button, just a banner.
WYZE would never make a button that easy to read, c’mon.

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It’s working as a button on mine. (iOS) It is a shorcut to « services ». Not a big one but it is clickable.

@Jerry8501 You would know better than me, but I suspect that caregiving is regulated by the Health Privacy Act known as HIPPA, and given that Wyze stores video on AWS (Amazon Web Services) I doubt it is compliant.