Cloud Storage on 3rd party Storage Providers

It would be great to be able to upload continuous recordings from Wyze cams to Google Drive \ Amazon Drive \ OneDrive \ DropBox etc. This integration is handy for folks who already pay for cloud storage to store their videos in a safe location free of physical tampering.

If we somehow had access to the cloud location of our own account then we could use an IFTTT recipe to move/copy the clips from Wyze to any current or future cloud storage location.

It’d be great if the camera it’s self could record straight to the cloud of our choice. TinyCam app has this ability - but it’s done from the app ( requiring the app to be “always on” ).

Is it possible to backup local storage files to personal cloud storage? For my use, I want to be able to get a trigger from a camera that there was motion detected within an activity zone and i want to be able to access that video footage from an API without the 5-minute cooldown limit and without the 12-sec limit.

I can’t express how much I HATE Google and anything that has to do with it. They are so invasive of individuals privacy. Even Microsoft is better. I know it’s a bit ironic that I was say this, given that a hacker can break in on most Smart Home devices (like the Wyze cam), but it Does matter how far my information is going and to who. It matters to me.
Why can’t I still stream live videos into my OneDrive, anymore? That’s how I originally set it up. Then, there were changes. A SD card is only good if the thief doesn’t find the camera and take it! It is also extremely limited on storage. I’m still left trying to figure out how to download the footage and move it to my cloud storage.


I’m not sure what you’re thinking of, but Wyze has never supported streaming to third party cloud services. That said, Wyze does not support RTSP (with alternative firmware) that will let you stream to your own NAS solution and perhaps even forward to other cloud services. Search in #ask-the-community for more info.

Love this idea! This is exactly what I’m thinking too. For example, in IFTTT, google drive already supports uploading a file when Wyze camera detects motion. I think all Wyze needs to do is just providing access to that file, for example, always keep the latest video called “latest”, then just upload that file. Or Wyze already has a something in IFTTT which supports uploading a video to cloud every hour, we could have it upload some file every 2 minutes to 3rd party cloud, which should work too.

Would it be possible to stream directly from the CAM to a S3 storage bucket, so I can pay for my own storage?
How about enabling AWS kinesis Video Stream so I can do my own video analysis and data extraction?



Amazon S3, Azure Storage, or the Google Cloud equivalent would open a world of options and use cases for these cameras. Let us pay our own cloud storage, the camera just needs to be configurable to push the clips to it.

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