Clips older than 2 weeks

Is there anyway to get clips over 2 weeks old from the Wyze cloud? I tried to get a clip from 7/4/20 but the app kept closing on me and I could not get to the clip to download it at that time. I now figured out how to get there if the app keeps closing, I go into that day and do “view playback” and bring it to the time of the clip I need and I record it and download it. BUT I need an older clip for security reasons and I cannot get to it now. Anyway to get an older clip from off the cloud?

Unfortunately, no. It is long gone. :neutral_face: You may wish to consider installing an SD card in your cam to store and retrieve footage locally.

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I have SD cards on all my cameras. How do I go back to 7/4? Cannot get there on the App

Open the camera live view.
Tap View Playback.
Select July 4 on the calendar.


If you have “Record events only” set, you should be able to do what suggested. If you have “Continuous recording” set and are recording in HD, you’ll only be able to go back to 7/4 if you installed a 512GB card or larger. For reference, a 128GB card provides ~14 days of continuous HD footage.

I have in SanDisk 200GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card. I have on continuous recording.

Like @Seapup said, 200Gb continuous recording probably won’t take you back far enough.
You could always pull the card and read it on a computer to be sure. You can see the oldest files that way.