Climate sensor operating temperature range below freezing

I set up my wyze climate sensor yesterday. I put a sensor inside the kitchen freezer and inside a freezer I have in the garage. They seem to communicate with the hub just fine.

The only wish for improvement is that notifications could occur at a lower temperature. Currently notifications can be sent if the temperature rises above 32°F, but I can’t set a lower notification temperature.

The sensor seems to register my freezer temperature correctly at -1°F (-18°C ) just fine, which below what’s listed on the specifications. The specs mention detection and operation temperature lower limit is 0°C (32°F).

Since I’m using the sensor at a temperature below its specified operating temperature I wonder if it will affect its long-term longevity or if the cold will affect its battery life?

Just an update. I had put the climate sensors inside two freezers. Both of the sensors gave low battery warnings after 8 days in the freezer. When I put the sensors back to room temperature, the low battery warning resolved, I think that although the sensors work fine in the freezer, the cold temperature affects the battery’s ability to release energy and triggers the low battery warning.

Any updates on your use? Like you, I want to put them in my meat freezers in the garage but it sounds like they maybe aren’t ready for that yet.

I haven’t been using the sensors in my freezer because both sensors kept giving low battery warnings, and there isn’t a way to turn off the push notification warning unless I disabled push notifications for all the other alerts as well. The low battery warnings would pop up multiple times each hour and were distracting. I think if there is a way to disable push notifications specifically for low battery warnings, while keeping notifications for other alerts, I would try leaving the sensor in the freezer to see how long the battery lasts. I’m think the low battery warning occurs because the cold temperature slows down the chemical reaction of the battery and drops its voltage, but perhaps the overall battery life would be OK? After I took the sensors out of the freezer due to the low battery warning, they have been running at room temperature without any low battery warnings. For me, if having the sensor in freezer reduces the battery life from 1 year to 3 months for example, , the extra cost of a battery replacement every 3 months may be worth it. Using 4 batteries a year would be about $5, and would be worth it to prevent loosing the contents of my freezer.

Wyze support - could you perhaps add an option to disable low battery warnings?