clicking noise from cam v2



I am getting a clicking noise from the cam, like a mechanical noise. There shouldn’t really be anything mechanical inside, I assume, so not sure where and why the sound is coming from. Has anyone else noticed this in their v2 camera? Possibly from the SD slot?


The only noise I am aware of is the “click” (rather loud) it makes when switching nightvision on or off. If in auto mode, and the ambient light is low, it tends to cycle back and forth about every 10 seconds or so (unfortunately).




Thank you for the info. You were right. I played with the app and switching from auto, on, and off makes the noise as the camera cycles through on a dim hallway.


Mine does the same thing, it’s pointed at the kitchen, and when it starts to get dark out it clicks back and forth, also happens when someone turns on the kitchen light at night.


Yes I started noticing this, and I was thinking that is the camera tracking my movements. Or I was thinking someone I gave the logon to was watching me wander around. Then I unplugged the camera. LOLOL It is on again.


?I have heard the same clicking, however, I’ve noticed it happens when my two cameras are turned off. They are still connected to power so I t leads me to believe the cameras are still watching with only the shades drawn on the app viewer. ?


The clicking is the sound of the IR optical filter moving back and forth in front of the camera sensor. The filter is a tiny piece of pinkish-orangish film that attenuates infra-red wavelengths, and thus improves the color sensitivity of image capture (when the cam is not in night-vision mode). There’s a little electro-mechanical assembly that pivots back and forth when night-vision mode goes on/off.