Clear Wyze Sense Events List/Log


Please consider adding a feature to allow the erasure/deletion/clearing of listed Wyze Sense Events. I have numerous entries listed for the current day and the prior day and would like to erase them, rather than wait for them to auto-delete.

Deleting notification both for Sensors and for Cameras

All is great I really enjoy the Wyze contact sensor.
I was looking for a way to delete the activity logs? It would be a good to have Thanks


I definitely agree


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How long does it take for them to auto delete ? I just set mine up Yesterday


I thought the events might be stored on the same terms as the camera events, 15 days at AWS. But, maybe not: I installed a Motion Sensor aimed at a door from the outside and a Contact Sensor on that same door more than a week ago (and installed them on the same day). Typically, both sensor types will alert simultaneously. Today, 16 May, the Motion Sensor has events dating to 7 May and the Contact Sensor has events dating to 13 May.

My interest in being able to delete stored Sensor events is to avoid clutter and wasting space on AWS or my own device.


It would be nice if you could clear the list every day if you like


I agree. And, it does not need to be an automatic function. Manual intervention by me is fine.