Choice of View on Detection Alerts

Recently, say for the past month or more, when I get a Motion or Person Alert sometimes when I tap on the alert on my phone it takes me to the motion 12 second recording. BUT sometimes it take me to the specific camera’s live view?? It always used to take me to the actual 12 second alert. It’s been happening on V2 and V3 models with no consistency on where tapping on the alert takes me. Based on this I’d love to see a “switch” in the app so the user can decide where tapping on the alert takes them. IE: “When alerts happen show the show the actual alert” OR “When alerts happen take me to Live View” Personally I want to be taken to the 12 second (or complete motion) alert and NOT live view.

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It’s on purpose. If the clip hasn’t finished uploading it takes you to the live view, all in the interest of earlier notifications. Your suggestion would introduce an artificial delay.


To add on to @Customer, the camera takes you to the livestream so that if the motion is still occurring, you can see it live. I would rather see part of the live view with the end of the motion then a recording I can go and view at any time(unless the clip has already been recorded)