Child lock on Thermostat

My child keep playing with my current thermostat. It could get worse with the Wyze thermostat because it looks pretty. I wish there is a child lock to avoid that.

There is a “lock” feature in the app so that the thermostat can only be controlled by the app. Would this work?

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oh…yes, that should help.


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They need to add Keen Smart Vent compatibility. I use Ecobee now because it can integrate. I bought one of the Wyze to play with it hoping it will integrate with Keen eventually. I have two thermostats. Ecobee has motion and temperature remote sensors. I like the look of the Wyze better, so hope to play with those as well.

Then it also needs a “wife lock”. Perhaps set high/low limits with and admin password.

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Add it to the #wishlist!