Charging and securing the camera?

Just wanted to see if anyone had any info about or if everyone saw what I saw. It looks like the WCO attaches to the base magnetically, not secure at all…anyone could walk up and take it if it were in arms reach. Also, I am curious about the amount of time to recharge the camera when battery get low, any info there?

The magnetic mount is firm enough to withstand weather, but yes, it is relatively easy to pull off the base. If that’s a serious concern it also has standard camera mount threads under the base so you can use any standard mount as well.

Anecdotally recharge time is about 3-5 hours depending on the charger. It doesn’t “ding” when it’s done so I haven’t timed it to the minute, but somewhere in there the light changes to green.


I would also be interested in the charge and lifespan once charged.

How long will it run once charged?

3-6 months is probably very optimistic unless you rarely have trigger events. I had one pointing at a bird feeder with triggers every few minutes for most of the day and the battery lasted about 4 days. Pointing out the back of my yard toward the woods with 2-3 events per night I went over a month before I decided to move it, and it was still showing 50% charge.

Battery life will be heavily dependent on your own use case, but hopefully those two examples show some of the variation you may see.

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Thanks for the info…does it alert you when battery is low in the app via notification?

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I know it designed to be wire free, but does the cam work if it’s plugged in constantly?

Yes, you’ll get an alert when the camera battery is low. Usually several days before the battery is critical, but again, depends on your use case.


Yes, it does work when plugged in. However, with the USB cover open the camera is no longer weatherproof (and therefore no longer covered under warranty if you choose to use it outdoors anyway). I’m still using my V2s outside under the eaves of my house with no other housing, so I imagine the WCO would also be fine under some sort of shelter if you wanted it to be plugged in all the time.

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Thank you, that covers exactly what I needed… Too bad there is not a solar panel, one could plug into the camera for charging…

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Amazon has a bunch that work just fine.

Thanks for confirming! I’ll play around with some caulk or something when I receive. It’s a bummer there isn’t an option to keep it plugged in (e.g. Nest).

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One issue you might run into with caulk or other sealant is that the power switch is also under the USB port cover (about 2mm to the left of the USB port), so it might be a bit tricky to seal around the USB cable without covering the power switch.

Does the camera provide a low battery warning of some type?

Thanks for the note! Once I get the cam in-hand, I’ll see what I can do.

Yes it does. It will send a push notification. It also displays the battery level in the app.

the on/off switch should rarely be used if the purpose is to connect w/ power supply.

I have used the power switch a time or two. Like people have said though using outside on the power supply will void the warranty.

we hv used v2 outside, it will also void warranty, lol


That is true and don’t tell anyone but I have 8 V2’s outside. One of them is not protected at all, curious how long it will survive.

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