Changing event hours

I noticed when I set up my indoor camera there was an option on the “event recording” screen to choose which hours I record events. When I go back into the same screen, the option to choose the hours is gone, and all I see are the 2 toggle switches for motion and sound. Is there a way to get back to choosing the event hours without rebooting and resetting the camera?

The V2s have always had an option to set a schedule for when you wanted the camera to Detect Motion under its Event Recording settings page, but the V3 doesn’t have that same option. Wyze would like users to use Rules for that option now, so the camera works like most of their other products.

Just go into Rules from either the Home tab or the V3 settings page, add a scheduled rule that says turn on motion detection on that camera with a start and end time on the days of the week you are interested in.

Ah, okay. That does make sense, not sure why I didn’t think about that myself. It does seem rather odd that they let you choose the hours on the event recording screen upon initial setup on the V3, then it goes away immediately thereafter. My work schedule changes almost on a daily basis, so I see myself using that screen a lot.