Change Wifi Network Name (SSID) without resetting camera

I would just like the ability to change WIfi in device settings with QR code as a backup. Almost all of my other IOT devices allow for this option. QR Code is fine for the easy to reach but IMO creates extra work for hard to reach. I rolled out a dedicated Wifi VLAN for Wyze devices and I probably could have rolled out this change to all of my cameras in less than 1/4 of the time had this option been available.


I agree, we need a secure remote management capability. Changing the network, reboot the cam, etc.

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This has been on the #wishlist since May 2019 with 177 votes but status is “maybe-later” :unamused:

That’s not bad compared to the PC app wishlist item. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s not rush them, they’re busy. I’ve heard rumors of a smart toaster and a robot that can mix a mean Bourbon Old Fashioned.

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Sign me up for that Bourbon mixing robot! :dizzy_face:

Oh sure, bourbon. Again no support for Canadians.
I’ll bet I can come up with a rum hack.

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I think the US Navy already has one, the 1958 RUM Remote Underwater Manipulator

That’s exactly what I’m looking for as well. There must be a config file some where in the cams to tell it link to the SSID. We just need to know how to manipulate it from the ground, outside the case. So many apps use 2 step auth. nowadays why do we not have this option for cam configurations, this is so arse backwards. Wyze needs to spend more time on this cam rather than expanding into other sub par products. Seems that this CEO wants to be the new ANKER?!?

I’d love to be able to change the wifi setting via the phone app instead of having to manually interact with the device.

I’m in the same boat. I have 10 cameras all mounted in enclosures. I’ve installed a new WiFi network but still have the old one working. Either solution would help me not disassemble TEN SCREWED-TOGETHER ENCLOSURES.

  • Remote setup reset through the app
  • Network change QR code reading on-the-fly

Here’s voting…

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In your situation, why not use the same SSID and password on your new Wifi?

Great point, Angus, and I’ve done that in the past. And had I thought it through I might have done that this time also.

The difference was that this was my first install of a mesh router system and I didn’t know what the setup issues would be so I set it up in parallel and did my initial testing without disrupting the other users in my household.

The other issue was that the old router had 2 SSIDs, one for 2.4 and one for 5GHz. The new mesh routers figure out the band automatically so I would have left half the devices behind regardless.

Not to mention I would have had to name it with the “-2.4” suffix of the old SSID that served the cameras, so the name would have been kind of misleading.

Thanks for your input.

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I couldn’t actually use the same SSID with the new WiFi because the new WiFI wouldn’t let me create a new wifi network with the password that I had used with the old router.

I’m hoping thigs go smoothly for me since I just ordered a new mesh system. One advantage I’m hoping I’ll have is that my current non-mesh router doesn’t use separate SSID names for the 2.4 and 5Gz bands, they both have the same exact name.

That sounds strange… How did the new WiFi router even know what the old SSID/password was? Was it mediated on a company’s website? I hear the Eero systems are really intrusive in the information they record and the role they play in the router setup. That’s why I went with the TP-Link “Deco” system. It’s more economical, and it’s all locally maintained.

But with non-mesh routers, twice in the past I’ve set up the new router with exactly the same SSID and PW as the old one successfully.

I think he means the new router wouldn’t accept the format of his existing Wifi password. Maybe too short.
So if the password has to change the SSID may as well change.

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