Change Doorbell push button blue LED color

I’m going to have to return my Doorbell Pro because of this. Seems crazy not to allow the light to be configured. Just like everyone else, I don’t want to draw attention to my house at night, nor waste battery power. Other limitations like fact it does not have SD or starlight I can live with, but this stupid blue light!


Please enable a setting to turn off the blue pulse light, if it is not here I will be returning this product as it gets complaints from HOA.

Just get my Pro up and running. I have it hardwired and it’s my understanding that in that situation the blue light will pulsate which is a terrible idea. PLEASE let us configure this. The v1 will light up when someone approaches, right? Why can’t we have the ability to configure it the way we want. I might end up returning and get a Ring or something else.

That is only the LED spotlight on the V1. The Blue Beacon doorbell pushbutton is always on and very bright! I taped over mine to silence it.