Change Doorbell push button blue LED color

When it is dark outside, the blue LED from the push button on the front of the doorbell cam is very bright. Anyone walking by can can clearly see the blue shine and I don’t care to draw attention to my doorbell camera.

Personally, I would like to see the option of having the LED either turn off or change it to a different color like white. Please vote for this idea if you agree.

Great idea @scsi050!
Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

Voted, thanks for the reminder

Why do we get only one vote? I want to vote 1000 times on this… :slight_smile: maybe more… Thanks for writing up the wishlist!


Just got my preordered doorbell camera installed and working, Install was fairly easy, overall happy with the camera especially given its price tag. My main issue with it is the bright blue status light - the light is visible from probably 100 yards away and easily visibly from the road as people drive by. It’s one thing to see a doorbell camera as you approach the steps or the front door, but signaling to everyone driving by that you have a doorbell camera just invites problems in my opinion.

I’m hoping the brightness can be adjusted or the light just turned off completely, and I will wait for that update or for Wyze to acknowledge and review. In the end I cannot keep this camera installed long term as it is. besides the security threat it poses, the aesthetics are also an issue. You cant look at the front of my house without your eyes being drawn to the blue beacon next to my door!


I disagree. I like that the button is illuminated so bright. It first brings b attention to the porch pirates that you have a VDB and the other people know where to press

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