Change Cam Views

Default view is the most recent Cam is on top when viewing and I wonder if there is an easy way to change? Ex. just drag them to reverse?

If they are in a Group - On Android I just reorder them in my list under Cameras in Group, drag the = sign.

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Thanks, but I am using an iPhone as per posting in this group.

If they’re in a group go to The gear icon click on it Then click on cameras in group then you can re-order them.

If they’re not in a group Click the three dots at the top right corner of the homepage and just use the sort option.

I have an iPhone 8 plus and it works fine for me

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They are not in group, so tried the sort option, and it only shows me an option to delete my Cam 2. Don’t want to do that unless I have to

See the three little slashes to the right? Put your finger on the top one and pull it down and it’ll just reverse them. If you had to say five cameras you could grab that three little lines and put it as the third camera or the fifth camera wherever. So don’t delete the Camera hit cancel

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Awesome that worked :pray:

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“3 little slashes” (or stacked dashes) are commonly referred to as “the hamburger menu”,

On Android I get 2 stacked dashes which looks like an equals sign.

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