Change Cam Plus Pricing

I have personally purchased for my own use ~ 4 Pan Cams, 3 cam V2s and 2 OD cams. I’ve also purchased other Wyze devices and another 6 cameras for family members. I want to suggest to WYZE Corporate to consider changing their Cam Plus pricing strategy to make it less costly for multiple camera owners. Now that I have to pay a monthly fee per camera to realize the full features for each. I may not purchase more cameras. However, it would be a positive for customers, and for Wyze if they capped the monthly cost to a reasonable “max” number of cameras purchased, and provided coverage for all future cameras owned after the max. Wyze would also benefit from instituting a “max” number of cameras charged because more cameras may be purchased once the max monthly cost for cam plus was exceeded. Wyze makes a great camera at a good price, and charging a small monthly fee for Cam Plus is ok… as long as there is a max monthly cost, irregardless of how many cameras are owned.


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