CEO email and new products?

I’m sure many of you have gotten the email. Did he picture some new products?

I am not sure if you are serious or not haha. Those little diamond shaped things? They might be knick knacks honestly.

Do you remember how big magnetic core memory was back in the late 60’s early 70’s?
I can remember seeing racks and racks of memory “planes” about the size of a sheet of letter paper which IBM employees were making in IBM Burlington about 1963. There was probably less than 1K of memory per plane and it cost about $0.50/bit.
Things get smaller.
And now there is

and camera pens.
Just saying it’s possible :slight_smile:

What impressed me is that a CEO that uses paper reams for his monitor stand is probably way more interested in his company’s products than the bling of most CEOs.

Way to go Yun Zhang @WyzeYun :+1::+1:


Good wishful thinking! Nope, they are actually mini knick-knack display cubes from back when the V2 was launched:


@Loki I want one! Do you have any pull to send me one :grinning:

Sorry, I have no pull at all in this regard. Even if I did, that was quite a while ago. I would guess they’re all gone by now.

How about those products? What’s up with the communist Rabbit? :rofl::joy: Is Wyze partnering with Mija

Wyze%20water%20filter Communist%20Wyze%20Rabbit Wyze%20switch Unknown%20WYZE%20product Wyze%20Thermostat