Cellular Trail camera

Take a look at the advancements in cellular trail or game cameras. They send photos of motion triggered wildlife and now, also common, movement of humans perhaps intruding on private property directly to a cell phone or web app . Wyze cams would be adaptable to this new product direction with innovation in the “movement detection” using those little green boxes instead of motion detectors, making a Wyze trail camera even more advanced because it could detectors motion much further away in daylight hours, even across a field, instead of the normal Max of about 50 feet with motion detectors. This would also be a great advancement in using these types of cameras for security, which many trail cameras are used for already. Just imagine the uses for these types of cameras for security, able to be placed around one’s property for security. If anyone were to try to steal the camera the perpetrator’s photo would already be in the hands of the owner. Wyze is already ahead in the ability to detect when a “person” is in sight vs an animal.

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I would agree here but I would add in to have the cameras create a mesh network between themselves extending the range of the system to miles. Cuddieback has a cellular service in which they charge end users for the amount of data sent back to the user but they also have the ability to aggregate all the photos back to a single sd card they also offer cuddelink home for those that don’t want to pay for monthly cell service. In my case I could easily have a dozen trail cameras get back to the aggregation device and I could just swap 1 as card to check all 12 cameras in one stop.

Providing both solutions (cellular and aggregation of all pictures to one master location) would create an additional opportunity for wize to increase monthly reoccurring revenue and also provide a solution for those that live right by their cameras.

Of course they need to be battery operated and probably not feasible to be rechargeable unless they were solar powered. Cuddieback has d cell battery expansions that prevent you from having to disturb the location just to change batteries.

Trail cameras would be a whole new market of customers that may not have been tapped that would probably also buy traditional wyze cams for other reasons.

I must add here that another unique feather for them could be combining both heat sending triggers for a camera shot AND their unique motion detecting ability, which could give a trail camera the ability to capture action long distances across a field instead of just up to 50 or so feet.

Does WYZE have plans for a cellular camera???

NO. This is a user suggestion.