Ceiling fan automation / control

A fan automation feature would be great. Something that can be installed in the fan itself to control the on, off and possibly speed. With the new motion sensors or cameras, when triggered, could turn on the fan. When the room is empty, it could turn off after a set of time if not instantly. Also, a scheduler for specific times.

I’ve been looking into adding WiFi control to my ceiling fans. Nothing on the market meets my needs.

Looking for something small easy to install (with some basic electrical knowledge)

Works with the Sensor Kit and IFTTT

I looked into that too. Wifi connected ceiling fans are expensive. I just couldn’t justify the extra cost.

I ended up buying a bunch of regular fans and plugged them into connected sockets. To get the ceiling fan experience, I aimed the fastest fans straight up.

My thought was an in-line switch that would be mounted inside of a ceiling fan/light. That way we could control both the fan speed and the light brightness.
Just a thought for another product.

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