Careful of your data!

All of a sudden my cellphone data spiked. Wyze sucked up 2,76 GB in 2 days.
Basically shutting me down.
I chalk it up to some beta update, probably the Wyze watch, which I updated 2 days ago.

Any suggested EASY to use tools to further determine WHICH wyze item went rogue and locked to my cell phone data?
/edit - I HAD been on a 500mb plan for years with Consumer Cell and only exceeded it once when Wyze F## up before.
But this time CC “automatically” upgraded me to a 3GB plan (for $10) when I blew through the 500mb in 1 morning. And were about to “upgrade” me again to a $30 plan.

So I suspect the blasted cheap watch just about cost me more than it’s initial price.