Cardinal Pair at Window Feeder

Put a bell on the cat.

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All my cats have bells on them, even the indoor cats. I also clip their nails so they aren’t sharp/stabby. One of my cats doesn’t even have teeth, but even the ones who do, a lot of the time they don’t even kill anything, just play with the animals and then let them go (my black cat does this a lot with mice, he’ll even cuddle with them and they won’t bite him or anything…eventually most of them escape, though sometimes he’ll eat some of them)…though I wish he would kill more of the rodents.

Usually it’s the other animals being stupid and taunting the cats (Squirrells do this a lot…run down close to the cat until the cat jumps then scamper back out of reach and do this over and over again, always coming closer and closer until the cat finally catches them during one of their taunts, then they scream and the cat plays and eventually lets the squirrel escape alive. Even without the taunting, the cats are smart enough to just sit still and let things come to them, so putting a bell on the cats doesn’t do anything like you are thinking…the bells are mostly so the cats don’t startle each other and start a fight on accident…yeah, that used to happen with a couple of them that don’t like each other very much, thinking the other one was starting a sneak attack fight when they really weren’t. The bells make sure nobody is surprised at each other being around the corner.

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