#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest [04/2018] GHOSTS or spirit orbs


Captured this at my parents place. The camera was placed behind a single pane window. Behind the camera setup is a closed venetian blinds that covers the entire window. The location is in a storage room, which is seldomly used and with all lights turned off.

This was captured at 2:52 AM. Everyone was asleep in the household. Also notice the sound that was captured. The sound is unexplained.

42A93D8D-A848-45C0-AF5D-235ACDCF5BEA.mov (309 KB)


Yikes! All lights were turned off???


Yes, the camera where the room was placed was pitch dark, and there’s a blind behind the camera setup. Attached is a photo of the setup. Blinds were closed when this was recorded.

IR was off because it was behind glass. The lumination is only from the outside light.

Video taken directly from wyze cloud. Unexplained



I figured out what and who they are: Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch from Casper the friendly ghost!


Looks like tiny bugs on the window to me, out of focus because of their proximity to the camera vs the focal point. Would be creepy to see at first!


Do you happen to have more of these or longer video of that night? We have been dealing with a similar thing for two years with a lot of other things also. Let me know if you have had any more of these and I would love to share with you (via e-mail) what all we have found out and done to try and figure these out.