Can't view Wyze Cam Outdoor on Google Hub

After just receiving and excitedly setting up my new outdoor Cam, I found that none of my cameras will stream at all anymore to the Google Hub. Chromecast still receive an (unstable) stream, but the Hub just shows “Smart Home Camera” then disconnects.

Last note on the Outdoor Cam, it showed up in the app at 100% battery when I set it up, but would disconnect iediately when unplugged. After about 30 minutes on the charger, it reported it was at 1%! Be sure to charge your new cams, people.

Same issue w/ not being able to view wyze cam outdoor on google (nest) hub.

Separate, but related question-- is it/will it be possible to view motion capture clips on the google (nest) hub?


Same here, Google has no clue what I’m talking about when I ask to view a Wyze cam, no matter the command.

Same, I’ve been trying to resolve the issue on my side. More often than not I get a black screen using a chromecast or google hub. Not sure why the app on my phone and tablet work well but streaming to these devices won’t.