Can't use my phone normaly w/out stopping SD card recording

While continues recording to a 32GB memory card in SD or HD it will stop recording if I have to use my phone as a normal phone or for anything else. It pops up and says “saved successfully” This is crap if I have to use my phone or any other aps on it or make an emergency call or any other type.
Whats the deal?

If you are talking about saving a video to an SD card that is in your phone I do not believe the Wyze app is designed for background recording.

If you mean an SD card in the camera, that should continue regardless of what your phone is doing.

It would also help to mention what camera you are using…

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Is the 32 gig card in your phone? Or in the camera? Like @Customer asked, which camera are you using? Sounds like you are using the manual record button from the live or playback screen, like this:

I’d say that’s more for saving short clips to your device from live, or played back footage from the card in the camera. If you go into the device settings for whatever cam you are using (anything but wco), then advanced settings, you’ll see local storage settings. This is where you control the sd card recording. This will happen within the camera if you have it enabled, and doesn’t need 24/7 open app. Here are what the local storage looks like if its enabled and you have a card in the camera.


Yes, please provide an accurate description. What camera are you working with, what operation are you performing?

Any continuous recording should be to a SD card inserted in your device.