Can't show my cameras on my Google Nest Hub

Hmm. Mine is a Nest hub display. Once but only once, it did say it was a timeout. Otherwise, It just quits. When I voice-command it to “stream camera”, it does nothing. I can get it to display by using the touch screen, but not always. At those times, it shows “camera feed not available”. I can always see the video on my phone. I assume it is a Wyze/Google problem. Just wish it was fixed.


That’s very strange. I would have assumed there would be no difference between a Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Have you tried saying the Camera’s exact name? For example, my V3 is labeled “Bonus Room” in the Wyze app, so when I want the Hub to display I say, “Show me the Bonus Room camera.”

Also, FYI: YOu can get the V2 on Ebay for $20 and that one seems to be much more stable (though I think it may have security flaws? not sure)

My description was inaccurate. The voice control DOES work a lot of the time. But there are many times when it does not. That is when I use the touch screen. Thanks for the note about the v2. I am giving up. After I had the cameras and began experiencing these problems, I thought it might be my wifi, so I bought a new Google mesh router with 3 points. I wish I’d kept the old Netgear.