Can't get sprinkler schedule to work

I see, could you submit a log so I can send it to our platform team? That’s never happened in my experience. It is probably a bug.


This log was right after the sudden start and it ran for 20 minutes with no record. You’ll see it also ran for less than 20 seconds right after by accident because I hit the wrong button trying to cancel it

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Hi @WyzeShanee

I think my fixed schedules not working consistently does have something to do with the WiFi mesh, I set up a specific SSID to the closest access point, so that the controller doesn’t swop between multiple access points and it has worked consistently since.

I did have one schedule that didn’t run, but this was after I re-activated the Sprinkler Plus. I did a power cycle and it has worked consistently since. It seems to require a restart after activating Sprinkler Plus.

These may be things to note in a KB, I also hope this info can help address the possible root causes of these issues.

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Thanks for providing this info! I will definitely pass it to KB.

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I’m so frustrated with Wyze over this entire firmware issue. My sprinkler was not running June 20th through the middle of July until I had to force manual runs on my system. I had no idea until our neighbor texted me while we were in Mexico for a week while it was 100+ degrees and my entire lawn died. Wyze was obviously aware there was an issue because they were pushing the beta firmware as a work around. Since that time I’ve been fighting crabgrass and weeds galore. I’ll have to reseed my lawn this fall. I contacted support to ask for a refund for sprinkler plus and their response was to cancel my subscription and offer a prorated refund for the remainder of the year. When I said I want to keep the service I just wanted them to refund my money they say the best they can do is extend my service for 1 month. Do better Wyze.


Past three days the schedule has skipped for no reason. Literally doesn’t give a reason. The last time it did give a reason was September 6th. Log 718047

I removed all the skippable reasons except temperature from the schedule. It is 90 degrees here and it still is skipping

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It has been over a week since the sprinkler has done anything by itself. No skip reasons. Offline schedule doesn’t trigger. Nothing

Has yours started working? We just noticed ours do not appear to have gone off this morning or evening.

Yes mine started working the day after I posted that. I think there seems to be a 24-72 hour wait or something after you make any changes. Seems like a terrible design if done on purpose but I can’t find any other explanation for why it wouldn’t run since Wyze isn’t giving any. I kept changing parameters since it suddenly stopped working and it didn’t work until I gave it 2 days. If yours doesn’t start working in the next few days and you’ve already updated, I would maybe try resaving the schedule and seeing if after a few days it starts working again. Really wish Wyze would figure out how to make it just work when we’ve had working sprinkler scheduling for decades now and this can’t even work with a basic schedule set (no Sprinkler Plus)

Spoke too soon, today did not run and it has no reason. Issues continue

What version is your sprinkler controller? I had to enroll mine into the beta program so I could get access to the latest version

Our plugin version is I thought our was fixed as well but still appear to have the same problem.

What’s the firmware version? I think 1.0.10 is the one that works

Mine is 1.0.10