Can't get sprinkler schedule to work

I did my first install right in the middle of the issue where the schedules where not working (Stopping as fast as they started.) Frustrating, yes, but Wyze did resolve the issue with firmware 1.0.8 (on my Sprinkler controller).

I have two zones that run for 15 minutes each, every other day… and it hasn’t missed a beat yet.

I don’t know if they “Skips” work to not run when it rains, as we don’t get many of those types of days in San Diego County.

Very happy with the controller now… set it, and forget it. Much better than the older non wireless controller that was in place when we bought this house.


For me it was working a year ago, Then I had stopped it.
I restarted it last week, updated the firmware and re-did all the configs.
I scheduled 4 zones at 15 mins. The schedule starts and I can see the timer running but the there is no water flow.
If I do a manual quick run, it works.
So confused as to how the timer is running when the schedule starts…
Any thoughts?

I am having the same issue

Well, it’s not working again. I had a schedule running for sprinkling on odd days - some days it worked, some days it didn’t. I deleted the schedule and replaced it with a new one (every day). It worked the first day, but then it ddn’t the next. Log # 570644.

Why is this so hard to get right?

@ywijting I am very sorry to hear that. I will look into your log asap.

@thaha.ali @mkggates How long did you keep the sprinkler controller off before you set it up again?

@WyzeShanee For about 10 months I had it off.
I did keep the firmware updated as I am using the cameras as well.
So everyday I have to manually do the quick run. As the schedule timer says its on and the timer goes down but not watering the lawn.

Thanks for the info. Our firmware engineer will look into your log too.

Still same issue. It ran last 3 days then missed today. Log 575456.

Noticed my lawn turning brown and dying in spots. I’ve been using a smart schedule for almost a year with no issues. Opened the app and saw that no schedules had run in ten days. Saw that it was supposed to run the next morning so waited a day to check, nope didn’t run again but said it would run the next morning. WTF

No changes on my side for the whole year it worked then one day nothing. Very frustrating. Think the days of smart devices are over.

Log ID: 577711

Hello using sprinkler plus version 1.0.8, weather based schedule not going off, it sets for the next day then does not run, no skip indicated. Been doing this for a few weeks. What could be the fix for this? It will run manually via the app.

Good morning……I am having the same issue

For Smart Schedules, in the zones affected, try going to the Zone > Edit > scroll to the bottom > Override Soil Moisture. You can adjust it to something low (30%) and see if the schedule will run.

For Fixed Schedules, our firmware and backend engineer are working on it. Sorry about the wait, we are working on it though.

Do you have any estimate on the ratio of units that could be impacted by this bug? I received my Wyze Controller a week ago and have not installed yet as I am assuming scheduling zones will not work.

My system is no longer watering automatically. Having to run manually to keep the lawn alive! Please resolve soon!

Tried you suggestion for smart schedules with soil over ride at 30%. it was set to go off this morning sat 5/21 but did not. The last time a smart schedule ran was 4/24. It shows it in the future but then when the day comes to water it pushes it off and does not water. The calendar does not show a skip. Any other suggestions

I am having the same issue with my sprinkler. Stopped working a week ago.
After some investigation, looks like a hardware issue.

Thanks for all of your feedback. I spoke with our support team - if you would like a replacement unit (it is free), please create a support ticket with all of your address info and reference me and this Forum. This ticket is used to keep your information secure and private.

We’ll then ship the replacement to you and provide the return label. The return is optional but is super helpful so we can inspect your units (especially if you believe there is a hardware issue).

Btw, we are still working on the software fix.

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@WyzeShanee Thank you for the offer.
I submitted a request through a support email (I could not create a case for some reason).
It is in reference to the 2 controllers that I had purchased (#013901588).
I look forward to receiving the replacement units.


Ive been communicating with support “Jericho Z”, and getting the run around.