Can't get past the solid yellow light

Is had been a while since I’ve set up my cams. One of the main things you need to make sure you are doing is being on the same wifi that your cam is going to be on.
For example, my wifi has 2.4ghz and 5ghz freq. Wyze only uses 2.4ghz.
Ensure your phone is on the same signal. Your phone gets that information and password and creates the scan box which the cam uses to log in to your router.
I think that’s the main thing that gave me problems at first. Once you get the cam working you can then switch back to the other frequency on your phone if that is the case for you.

Someone mentioned about the micro-SD card in the Wyze Cam Pan. As soon as I removed the SD card, it responded again. After it connected and worked, I put the SD card back in. This is how I fixed my solid yellow light problem. Hope it helps someone.

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