Can't get on the Launch Zoom

Just an Fyi, Zoom meeting has maxed out with 1000 participants and others can’t join. Don’t suspect you can address that now but so your aware for the future.


same here :frowning:

Same. :frowning:


me too

Same here.

Ya, me too

Me three!

Very Frustrating!!!

Me also :sob:

Just tried again and I am in. is error 500

trying to create early access order says “Order creation failed”

It’d be nice it was just a live stream and not Zoom.


Agreed! A live stream would prevent us from getting blocked out!

unable to join. Very disappointing.

Same here. Got to the cart and got a 500 Internal server error. I don’t know why they can’t seem scale the servers properly.

Same here. Im not able to login. Wyze Account is limited to 1k participants on a meeting. lol

Same here. Glad there is demand, bummed I could not watch.

Big announcement limited to 1,000 Zoom participants doesn’t really make it a big announcement at all. Very disappointed.