Can't find videos in my phone's photo gallery



Just received my WyzeCam v2 yesterday, and took a couple of manual videos today, which I would like to watch on my computer monitor. The FAQ states that “Videos and photos are stored in your phone’s gallery and can be accessed either through the Album in the Wyze App or your phone’s photo gallery.” I see and can play them on my phone from the Wyze App Album, but they are nowhere to be found in my phone’s gallery (so I can watch them on a larger screen). Any hints about how to access them? My phone is a Motorola Moto X running Android 5.1. Thanks in advance! Stan


If it works like iOS, there should be an album called “Wyze” in the gallery.


Thanks Rick. I anticipated a Wyze album in the gallery, just you suggest, and just as I have for a couple of other apps on my phone, but it’s not there. There is a new album called Snapshots which has the photos I’ve taken with the Wyze, but it doesn’t have any of the videos I’ve taken with it.


In iOS, the videos and photos are all mixed together in the one “Wyze” album. I don’t use the Android app, so I don’t know how it works there. Hopefully someone that uses Android will chime in.



Stan, I find my videos using file manager…


Root>Phone Storage>Wyze>Camera>manual


My photos are also in the Snapshot folder like yours however the videos are stored in manual folder! Good luck.


I am running Android 7.0