Can't connect the V3 camera to wifi

I just purchased the WYZE Cam v3 but can’t get it to connect to my wifi. My modem confirms that it is 2.4 and not 5G. I can’t get anyone to help because chat isn’t live and nobody answers the phone. Can anyone help me before I have to return these cameras???

I’m having the same issue. I just purchased a new router and NONE of my Wyze devices will connect to it. It seems like this is a huge issue, based off of the research I’ve done. My WiFi won’t even recognize any of my Wyze devices, even if I reinstall the device.

Welcome to the forums! What error messages do you see? What step of the install do you experience issues? 'cant get it to connect" provides minimal info as to what your experiencing. More info will help get focused assistance. Do you have any characters in your ssid or ow that arnt letters or numbers? Any spaces? Special characters?


Not sure if this will help

Same here, been trying over 2-3 week period, will not connect at setup. Used their RouteThis app: can not connect to Wyze servers.