Can't connect remotely?

camera connects to network when I am at home - will not connect remotely
please help ? internet is strong all my ring cameras work remotely but not Wyze


What kind of ISP do you have? Satellite? Welcome to the forums!

Ok…what phone, do you use a vpn, is it the same connected to a local network as it is with cell connection, can you kill the app and flush the cache, anything else that you can think of that would be descriptive? I am using Pixel 3 with a work environment enabled running through either a work vpn or Proton VPN and it connects flawlessly, but the love/hate relationship we have with tech is the independent variable of so many options. :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue, home internet connection flawless, but any other wireless network or cellular network eventually fails, with an error code: 13. This problem is not just limited to my phone, but my iPad and now echo show are also failing to connect. Tech support is unfamiliar with the error/issue, but they are running a report on the problem.

Mine is doing the same thing. In Texas and cannot see what’s going on in house in CA