Can't add a new camera. Screen goes white


I bought some additional cameras. This was my first time adding a camera under the V2 app.

I did the +, I selected Wyze Cam, it went to the Step 1,2,3 screen, then I pressed Next, and all I got was a blank (white) screen. The app becomes unresponsive. If I wait a while, it goes back to the Add a Camera screen. I’ve restarted my phone.

It will not display the Wifi setup and camera setup screens. I can’t add my new cameras.

One of the times, right after I restarted my phone, I got it to go to the WiFi password screen. However, my phone had connected to the 5G network, and by the time I reconnected it to the 2.4G network, the app had frozen again.

I filed a bug report, but this is to find out if anyone else is having the same problem.

I have a LG V20 Verizon phone.


Same issue here. White unresponsive screen on Note5.


@Scott56, awesome that you submitted a ticket. I’m speculating you sent logs in, also. Please reply to this thread with your ticket number.

@jimbdeath, have you also submitted a ticket?


I didn’t get any kind of ticket number. When I submitted the report through the app, it generated an email to with the logs attached. The email was sent at 6:52 PM yesterday, the 27th.


You should have gotten a reply email with the ticket number. Check your spam folder.


The ticket is 155580.

It almost worked just now. I tried it again, and I got to the screen to enter the wifi password. Interestingly, I was once again connected to my 5G network. I entered the SID for my 2.4G network. The next screen that should have had the QR code did not have the QR code. Then I reconnected to the 2.4G network. I was back on the wifi information screen, ready to enter it again, when the screen went white again.

This should be an All Hands On Deck response. I have 5 new black cameras that I can’t set up. I already have 5 cameras (a mix of V1, V2 and Pan) already, if that makes a difference.


Hi Scott, because of the time of year, you might not get an immediate response on this. However, I’m tagging @WyzeGwendolyn, @WyzeMark, @WyzeTao and @WyzeDongsheng so they may see this when any of them get back to the office.

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Still getting White Screen of Death with the new beta app.


I used an Ipad to add the new cameras, which then show up on my Android phone, so I’m not dead in the water any more.

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Happy to hear that you were able to get your Wyze Cams set up! Sorry about the trouble with it. We appreciate you reporting this issue to us.

@jimbdeath, are you still having difficulty?


I turned off the wifi on my phone and it was able to connect.

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I had the problem adding my latest camera. I think I remember toggling the phone wifi off and on and then went back through the setup and it worked fine.

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I sent a link to this thread in a bug report. Thanks for the info, everyone!

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