Can't access cameras from outside my wifi

Anyone else having issues with the pixel 2 XL on Android 10 accessing cameras outside of the Wi-Fi?
When I’m home on Wi-Fi I can access the cameras no problem but when I turn the Wi-Fi off and use my cellular connection I cannot access the cameras. My wife has the OnePlus 6t and it works fine. I thought maybe it was because I’m was running the beta version of Android 10 and now the official release. I even factory reset my phone and still the same problem.

I don’t know of anyone using Android 10 so I am not sure, did the issue start when you went to Android 10?

I’m guessing it probably started when I installed Android 10 beta 3 months ago.I was hoping it would be fixed now that Android 10 has been officially released.

I will do some hunting and see if there are any known issues with Android 10

I have Android 10 but I haven’t had any issues my pixel 3a… I’m still running the old app though. App v 2.4.82


I have Android 10/Pixel 3 and no issues with remote access,.