Can't access any of my cams. My Wi Fi is up as I can access my video doorbell


My cams are located in Fremont, CA and up until about an hour and a half ago, I was able to connect to them.


Mine are also down in Alabama. My wifi thermostat is working no problem. so wifi isn’t the problem


I wish they had an outage map or outage alerts

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues. Thought maybe my wifi or power was out, but I was able to connect to the my thermostat and remotely get to my router.

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Down in Nebraska. Another round of the (error code: -90) errors.


I am getting error code 27


See this:

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Error Code 27 on all three cameras out here in Scottsdale, AZ


Another bay head :raised_hands:t5:


2 of my 4 cams won’t connect correctly. My wife is able to view all 4.


Can’t view any of my 4 cams here in TX.


Same for me in VA can’t view any cams; and they are at different locations so it def isn’t the WiFi.


Known issue

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Same issues in Michigan. Events record though.


Chicago here checking in with inoperable cams in two completely different systems in different houses. Looking forward to a quick remedy as I am entertained daily as to what these things capture.