Cannot see livefeed


Are there any known issues at the moment? I am not home and I cannot connect to livefeed. Cameras are on and I’m receiving notifications but I can only view events and livefeed is showing connection failed error code 27. I’m not home to reboot and wanting to know if this is a problem bigger picture or just a case of a glitch that is making my cameras rather useless


Earlier, an official post was made by Gwendolyn with the Wyze team. I have posted the link below. I hope this helps you! :grinning:

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Thank you very much! This helps a lot! Gives me some peace of mind to know this is being looked into.

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No problem. I am sure they will resolve it as quick as they can. They are actively engaged with the community on it in several other posts as well.

Also, submit a support ticket via the app. It will help the Wyze team.

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