Cannot Download Timelapse “No File Exists”

Numerous reports recently of an inability to download Timelapse’s have shown up.

This seems to affect the WCO v1 & v2.

A discord user posted:

Outdoor Camera Version 1 has been installed in place for about 6 months now. I use them to capture the sunrise and sunset each day. No issues with downloading the timelapse until the last update. Since then the app tells me no file exists. Rebooted my iPhone 11 pro and updated the app and even when so far as to remove the app and shutdown the phone and install the app again. I know this has been an issue before but figured it’s worth asking about.

And has verified that the file exists on the sd card and is viewable when inserting it into the pc.

App Log 635735

Another forum user said:

Cannot download Timelapse videos, just repeatedly get error messages saying “The file does not exist”. Since I bought this to capture backyard/wildlife/plant timelapses, this is problematic.

App Log: 635873
Device Log: 635168


@WyzeJasonJ are you aware of this issue? Waiting for more logs atm


Also posted this in fix it Friday, please hit the heart button if your experiencing this as well and provide logs in account > Wyze support.


I was not aware of this issue, I will see if this issue is known or not.


I can confirm this as well! June’s app update for iOS created this bug for me and with July’s app update for iOS I can’t even view my album anymore!!!

Luckily, my iPad is NOT set to update my apps automatically and everything is working perfectly on an older version of the WYZE app!!!

These issues really need to be addressed by WYZE ASAP!!! TBH I feel like they don’t even bother testing or debugging their app on multiple operating systems prior to releasing updates anymore! It actually reminds me of Apple slowing down older models prior to the launch of a new product… until they were caught anyways! So frustrating!


Has a response or acknowledgement of this flaw/bug been published? It’s just dead silence, spoke with and chatted with Tech support, all they could tell me is it must be a “connection issue” - (but not for a 10min video or the live stream I can view)
Some help on this would be appreciated? Or should we return the cameras as defective?