Cannot connect to server


A black version may appeal to people but I would rather that Wyze focuses on the ongoing server problems. This is my second day in a row of my camera not able to connect to the server. Give me any colored camera I dont care, just make sure it can connect to the servers.

Black Cam For Black Friday

@garyw… The server issue has been resolved. If you are still having trouble, I’d try power cycling the camera. If that doesn’t help follow the Troubleshooting steps found under the Support link at the top of this page.


Yesterday I was getting error message 90, this morning I only get the WYZE CAM startup screen and ’ server timed out’.


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Are you getting the server timed out message even before the list of cameras loads in the app? If so, this is a different issue than the IoT server disruption from the other day. It would not be camera-specific.

Since this is not being widely reported, it makes me think that your particular device/connection is having trouble reaching the Wyze server. This could be because of port blocking, firewall, or other issues. Here is the list of ports that need to be open:

Can you try to connect via a different internet source?

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest going through the troubleshooting steps under Support link at the top of this page, and filing a support ticket now to get in the queue. You can always cancel the ticket if you get it resolved.


I now have a connection albeit thready and freezes. My Dlink and Nest camera are working fine.


What is the internet upload speed where the camera is? You might need to change it to SD quality or even 360P.


I have it set to SD not HD. The camera is now up and running again, nothing I did just did so on its own. Their is no lagging or freezing for now, fingers crossed.


According to Ookla my download speed is 96.52 and upload at 15.91. My router is a Dlink EA9500.


We have a separate team managing the connectivity. How frequently are you having the issues? If this persists, I suggest you file a ticket so we can monitor via dev support