Cannot cancel share with user

I’ve tried “cancel share” after selecting camera. In account settings/Sharing I’ve tried removing cameras from user. No matter what I do it WILL NOT GO AWAY.
Under sharing it has user’s email and under that is says “2 pending.” There are NO CAMERAS SELECTED and yet when I go back and try to cancel share the user remains with “waiting to accept” yet they’ve never received any notification or email.
So I’m done. Just tell me how to remove them from sharing so I never have to bother with it again.

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Welcome to the Wyze community!
This has happened to me too!
I typed an email with wrong and then add Ed the correct one. When I deleted the wrong one it deleted the correct one! I thought it was a bata bug but I guess not!

@WyzeTeam please help!

Also, please submit a log to Wyze and take note of the log number if
someone from the @WyzeTeam sees this or asks for logs.

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So was this resolved because I am having the same issue. I have some cameras shared out, I this this a long time ago, no problems. However today I decided to stare to another person, It won’t share, and not the share attempt is sitting in pending.

It hasn’t been fixed in the bata app.

Nope, not been resolved yet. Still same issue…

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